In My Weakness

by David Curtin

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released July 11, 2012

Special thanks to Chris Ash for letting me use all your stuff to record this (not sure if I ever asked for permission), for helping me to develop some of this music by playing it live, and for all your creative influence and dad-ness.

Mastered by Carl Saff
Easton Gruber helped me to record my guitars on the title track.
Ambient noises on the title track created partially by Ryan Ash's mystical cello. He was playing a song written by J.S. Bach.
On "Folsom 2" some sound effects were created by Abe Vucekovich making espresso in the next room.

Released by Aerial Ballet Records


tags: rock butt Chicago


all rights reserved


David Curtin Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Baby Steps
I'm so young
All the things I haven't done
Now's the time to take
Fuel the tank until it's full

But then I look at You
And You don't seem to represent that
Track Name: Bunnies
I agree with what they say
About two masters
And I want to serve You
But part of me is holding on
To something
That I don't like to talk about

Help me out
I'm torn in half

I agree with what they say
About the bunnies
And how we're all just like them
But I believe in what You said
About Your power
to change me
Track Name: Folsom 1
You were always there
It's something that I often forget
You've seen all my mistakes
All the things that You shouldn't
You forget

And now I feel like the world is spinning
Without me
And I'm broken
I want to move with it
But it's so hard
When you're broken
Track Name: Folsom 2
He is good and His loving kindness is everlasting


I'm not alone
Track Name: Mudslide
One more drop would start a mudslide
One more thought would make the heart fold
Just one raft in a riptide
Just one house in a landslide

Just one touch heals my soul
Just one bite makes me feel full
Only You could stop a mudslide

You have an answer every time
But You don't say it every time
And that's fine
Track Name: Farm the Earth
Say you're leaving
Don't let them try to make you stay
You were only bleeding
When others couldn't say the same

Are you the same man you were
When you wrote that song
What will my life be worth
When my will is gone

I'll work in factories and I'll farm the earth
Despite it

Climb the mountain
Climb up there to die
The end is here
And the fault is only mine

Are You the same God You were
When we crossed the sea
What is my story worth
If it's about me

I'll work in factories and I'll farm the earth
To fight it

If we escape pain
Only in death
Chasing happiness
Is wasting breath

But You showed a way
To live fulfilled
The love You give
Is all I need

I'll work in factories and I'll farm the earth
To find it
Track Name: Cedar
Kill me now
If that's why I'm doing this
Tear me loose
If I haven't let go

'Cause I'm tired
Of doing what I want
Not doing what I need
Lying on the ground
Not standing on my feet

Take my heart
And make it like Yours
Take my will and make it match Yours

How do I glorify someone who's perfect?
Track Name: Baby Again
I'm a baby again
Trying to see
Not afraid to admit
I've no idea how to speak
Born in sin, born in shame
It's all I know
Born with holes in my heart
That with time only grow

It is summer again
And I feel the same
All the things that I want
Still seem so far away
I'm a baby again
Whining and upset
Won't You take all my woes
And put Your thoughts in my head
Track Name: Your Face 2
I can't wait to see Your face